Mid Atlantic Officials Association
MAOA Board Member Voting
Voting Procedue

  • Voting is open from 12:00am Jan 1, 2007 through 12:00pm Jan 14, 2007
  • Only one vote may be cast per association member
  • To cast your vote, send an e-mail to David Dube and Fearna Tyndall indicating your name, and whom you are casting your vote for
  • Please put the following in the subject line of your e-mail (exclude quotes) "MAOA Board Position Vote"
  • Emails only sent to Dave or to Fearna (ie not to both) will be discarded
  • The next board member will be announced at the January MAOA Association Meeting


Michael Rhodes

Years officiating: 7 years
Current Official level: 3
Officiated in the following associations:
  • Raleigh Youth Hockey Association: All Levels
  • Raleigh Adult Hockey Association: All Levels
  • Factory Adult Hockey Association: Senior Level

Full Time occupation: Sr. Network Engineer, Wake County Public Schools

Main reason why I enjoy officiating ice hockey: A couple of things that I try to do every day is learn something new and also pass my knowledge learned to somebody else. As an official, one of our roles is teaching, whether it is teaching new officials proper technique and positioning, youth players where to line up or new rule interpretation to coaches and adults. I particularly enjoy watching the younger officials grow as officials and watch them take what they have learned and apply to their lives as they become adults.

Kevin R. Taylor

I have been involved in officiating ice hockey for the past six seasons with MAOA, FAHL, and RAHL. I have officiated about 650 games over the past four seasons. I recently semi-retired from various marketing, sales, and district management positions with Fortune 500 companies in the Triangle area, and currently teach business and marketing honors courses at Green Hope High School in Cary.

I would like to couple my business experience in serving on boards, committees, and other organizations with my desire to help MAOA develop up and coming officials in the game of hockey.

Mike Whaley

Hockey - I am currently a level 3 referee and have been refereeing for 7 years. Being Canadian, I really love the game of hockey and have been involved in coaching and then refereeing since 1988. I really enjoy seeing players and referees improve and do their best on the ice.

I have played in organized leagues for about 41 years so I have seen a little bit of hockey. I currently play in the B league run by the Cary Icehouse.

Real Job - I work at Aeroglide in Cary where we manufacture industrial driers for products like breakfast cereal, petfood and chemicals. I manage a group of engineers that work with the sales staff to design the driers based on the customers' requirements.

Other Interests - I have been doing various length triathlon races for the past three years. Swimming, biking and running keep me in shape for refereeing!